About us

Stop the Hate is a coalition of organisations working to ensure the public's views and experiences are central to the design of the new Online Safety Bill. 

Antisemitism Policy Trust

We educate and empower parliamentarians and policy makers to address antisemitism.

Carnegie UK

Working to improve the wellbeing of people throughout the UK & Ireland.

Clean up the Internet

Independent, UK-based organisation concerned about the degradation in online discourse and its implications for democracy.

FairVote UK

Helped expose Cambridge Analytica. Fighting for secure elections and a democracy fit for the digital age. Read our 20 recommendations here: https://t.co/x2ycVnJJpT


Glitch is a UK based, internationally recognised, charity working to make the online space safe for all, raising awareness of online abuse and its impact.

HOPE not hate

Challenging hate. Building communities.  Published and promoted by HOPE not hate Ltd. PO Box 61382, London N19 9EQ

Compassion in Politics

Putting compassion, inclusion, and cooperation at the heart of politics.