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We call on social media companies to help put an end to online abuse.

Online abuse has got to stop. 

1 in 4 adults say they have been abused online. Over half of British teenagers report experiencing harassment or bullying on social media. 

The impact can be devastating. People who experience online abuse are at greater risk of self-harm, depression, and anxiety. Children as young as 10 have committed suicide as a result of online abuse. 

This can be fixed. Social media companies have created platforms which enable bullying - and they have the power to stop it. 

We know the solutions that are needed. We need more training and support for those employed by social media companies to review complaints of bullying. We need to clampdown on the use of anonymous accounts - one of the biggest sources of abuse. We need an independent organisation to monitor and manage social media companies. And we need to make social media companies legally responsible for the welfare of their users. 

These are our demands and we hope that you will join us in making them a reality.

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